Business in Iran – important trade guideline in Iran

Business in Iran – important trade guideline in Iran

Business in Iran

Business in Iran – important trade guideline in Iran

According to Iranian foreign trade statistics over the first seven months of 2017, the balance of trade of Iran was minus 3.1 billion dollars.

Main exporters of goods to Iran

  • Major exporters of goods to Iran during the first seven months of 2017 included:
  • China (7 billion and 951 million dollars)
  • The United Arab Emirates (5 billion and 749 million dollars)
  • Turkey (2 billion and 221 million dollars)
  • The Republic of Korea (1 billion and 844 million dollars)
  • Germany (792 million dollars).

Major imported goods to Iran included in the first seven months of 2017

  • Rice (1 billion dollars)
  • Field corn (882 million dollars)
  • Disassembled parts for manufacturing riding cars (738 million dollars)
  • Motor vehicles with a cylinder capacity of 1500-2000 cc (625 million dollars)
  • Soybean (536 million dollars)

Advantages and features of the Iranian economy

  • The eighteenth world’s top economy
  • positive economic growth despite economic sanctions
  • Young and educated population
  • Rich in terms of natural resources
  • Strong and extensive economic infrastructure

Advantages in terms of natural and mineral resources:

  • Variety in economic fields and rich in term of petroleum and hydrocarbon resources
  • The world’s fourth petroleum producer
  • having the world’s second gas resources
  • Ranked tenth in tourism industry and fifth in ecotourism
  • the largest and most numerous industries in the Middle East and North Africa
  • World’s fourth and tenth rank in zinc and cobalt production
  • highest ranked in aluminum, manganese and copper resources in the world
  • World’s fourth rank in term of diversity in agricultural products

Economic reforms within the framework of Fifth Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

  • ۲۰ billion dollars’ investment of private sector and foreign investors in the petroleum and gas industries
  • Improving the health system of the country
  • Development of international relations
  • doubling the volume of GDP of the country

Extensive privatization:

  • ۸۰%of government assets should be transferred to the private sector
  • ۴۰%of this transfer was made through the Stock of Equity
  • ۴۰% of the above privatization will be made through the Tehran Stock Exchange channel
  • The government continues to own 20% of the assets
  • The total volume of assets and property of the government is 120 billion dollars
  • Of the 120 billion dollars’ government assets, 63 billion dollars has been privatized over the last five years
  • By completing the privatization process, the government’s share of gross domestic product will decrease from 80% to 40%

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Business in Iran Business in Iran Business in Iran Business in Iran

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